What You'll Learn

Strategies | Tools | Mindset

  • How to Simplify Your Goals

    You have to be explicit about what you're doing and have a way to plainly share your goals with other people. In this course you'll learn how to focus and become explicit about what you're working on and the timeline you have to accomplish it.

  • How to adopt a Leadership Mindset

    Achieving your goals requires you to become ruthless and make the hard decisions. In this course you'll learn how to adopt a leadership mindset and become the CEO of your own life.

  • How to Set Financial Goals

    Financial freedom is a goal for all of us, but how much are you willing to give up to get there? In this course you'll receive our personal budget template so that you can get serious about managing your personal finances.

Course curriculum

This course also includes a workbook, project management spreadsheet and Morgan's list of must read books for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Morgan  DeBaun

    Founder CEO, Blavity Inc

    Morgan DeBaun

    Fresh out of college, Morgan headed to Silicon Valley to learn from the best and brightest about Product Management and Design. The St. Louis native became a growth hacker and small business advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2014, she launched Blavity - the largest media startup and lifestyle brand for black millennials. Under her leadership, Blavity has successfully acquired 2 companies, raised over 9 million in venture funding, and reaches millions of people a day online. Today, Morgan manages a team of over 65 employees and 100 contractors with offices in LA, ATL, SF and NYC.